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Picture taken at WaiAo beach, in Yilan County, Taiwan.
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 Cinderella was up late at her desk putting together an application for a photography grant, but in her head she kept hearing the voice of her stepmother telling her she would amount to nothing. It felt like the Truth, even though a different voice inside her pleaded that it wasn’t. Finally, she pulled out a Post-It and wrote a message to herself that she stuck on the wall in front of her: You are in control of your own future, you are capable of amazing things.
 Then she added another one below that: And fuck anyone who says otherwise.

everything in the sky: William Gibson mentions jet-lag in one of his books. He describes it...


William Gibson mentions jet-lag in one of his books. He describes it as soul-lag - the soul’s inability to keep up with the speed of the body, leaving the feeling of disconnection lingers in the day or so afterwards, the soul all the while flying through the air after our the body. Catching up.